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"On the Development of Habit 
- from the viewpoint of the Alexander Technique and early neuromotor patterns of development"

Available in the near future :


Why we have to crawl…
On Human Development; motor and communicative skills – aberrations and inter-connections”


A thesis written for the Audiologopedic study at the University of Copenhagen. A natural follow-on from “On the Development of Habit..” and looking more at the early reflexes and esp. the stress-reflexes (the Moro and the Fear Paralysis Reflex).

First written in 1995. Has been out of print for several years now, but will be made available in the near future.

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“An interdisciplinary approach to the Alexander Technique”

A Talk given at the 5th International Congress for the F.M. Alexander Technique in Jerusalem in 1996.  – Pamphlet with illustrations.  

This presentation evolves around the Temporal Bone and seeing it as an important fulcrum for working with the Alexander Technique. As this bone has a function as a connecting-mechanism of several body-systems, it may be necessary or at least feasible to look at it from an interdisciplinary angle. – This talk does just that…  -- and will be available in the near future.

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If you are interested in information about future releases of Gitte’s written work and /or workshops, please send an e-mail stating what your interests are and with the “mailinglist” in the subject-line. 

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