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Welcome to the More Dimensions Services website! - The overall perspective of everything you will find here is; that there are many dimensions to Life and I wish to explore more of them.. and also to search for correspondances between them... which I already have been for many fascinating years!!!

I am looking forward to dialoguing with you in the time to come.. Please, let me know if you have questions, are missing anything or have other comments...  


Profile.. or a few words about "who I am"...


Gitte Dollerup Fjordbo



·       .. was born in 1961 ..

·       .. have worked with Human Potential since 1980 - both my own and that of my fellow human beings..

·       .. have an M.A. in Audiologopedics & the Alexander technique

·       .. have been a teacher of FM Alexander's technique since 1992 ( & )

·       .. have a private practice since 1992

·       .. have been a Neuro-developmental Therapist since 1992

·       .. have developed my own method : the Essential Presence of TouchTM - based om my different practical work and my research since 1992

·       .. have worked with Auditory Discrimination Training, (”sound-therapy”) ad modum Kjeld Johansen (ADT/HSAS/JST) since 1992

·       .. have worked professionally with shock and trauma since 1996 and was trained in Somatic Experiencing (SEP) – I have assisted on the SE-education in Danmark and USA  ( & )

·       .. offer workshops in the Essential Presence of TouchTM. I give sessions in both Danmark and abroad e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Holland and USA.

·       .. trained as Philosophical Counsellor based on a Spiritual or Soul-based Psychology (">Spiritual) and have worked as such since 2003

·       .. have worked with energy og healing since 1990

·       .. have worked with Ruth White and Gildas on several occations since 1989 doing work with e.g. the chakra-system, dreams, spiritual alchemy, different levels of guidance, angels and more.. (  - from the field of Transpersonal Psychology. - This work is an ongoing and joyful process of collaboration that keeps expanding me and my life..

·       .. have been a member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle and have organised Spiritual Film-cafés and facilitated group discussions on different spiritual issues



I practice Asserbo (on the North-coast of Sealand). I always attempt to work as part of an inter-disciplinary team in order to cover as many perspectives and dimensions as possible. 



Please contact me directly for more information about ; sessions, workshops, fees, appointments etc.. - Contact-information below. 





The Chinese symbol for Crisis

consists of 2 parts:

Danger and Possibility..

Are you aware of your possibilities…?

Can you..? – Will you..? - Dare you..?


Crisis / Challenge => danger and /or possibility..!?

Just as with the Chinese symbol we all have the potential for choosing whether we want to experience a crisis or challenge as a danger or a possibility. Different parts of us are in charge and responsible for whether one or the other takes over. From the point of view of the brain, the developmentally oldest part will be aware and relate to the danger and the newest part will be able to be aware and relate to the possibility. The result of this is that it is so much easier to see the danger than the possibility!! - Perhaps you've experienced that yourself ?!

     The reason is that we have to survive to be able to take advantage of possibilities.. - and that is what the brain is helping us with !! -  However, problems can arise if the brain for some reason has been somewhat locked in the developmentally oldest parts; when that happens life can easily seem to be all about survival.. and it will be difficult at best or near impossible to see the possibilities..  BUT!!! – There is `light at the end of the tunnel...´!! - The wonderful thing is that we do have a way to influence these parts, if we work with our awareness, consciousness and body !! 


Every challenge can be the road to new possibilities…

Your challenges can be of physical, emotional, mental and / or spiriual nature and – although it doesn't always feel that way! – they are all an expression of `something good trying to become even better..´ - Our challenges – or `problems´ as we sometimes tend to call them – are all related to who we are and they can help us become even more of our true self. These challenges are a kind of `divine messengers´ with important messages for us. They can function as our guides when we are on the road to becoming more conscious about; what we do with ourselves and how we live together with other people.

     When we are faced with challenges we have two options and only two. We can accept the challenge and open ourselves to its message, or we can resist the possibility to grow as a human being. Which one of the two paths we choose determines the size of the challenge and the degree of conflict we experience.


 We can all be in need of help

And admitting it is not a sign of failure -- On the contrary! -- Vulnerability requires strength; Love requires courage and openness; Health requires the willingness to listen to all the signals we are transmitting (emotions, words and actions)..  To re-gain control of ourselves often requires that we are willing and courageous enough to dare let go of our control of others...  

The Chinese symbol ”to Listen…” consists of : ear, eyes, undivided attention and heart..  


”Therapy”  in the original sense of the word …

Therapy originally meant ; ”to listen”. – Sokrates said that "a therapist is a Sacristin"... – that is.. someone who "holds the keys to heaven".. !! – In my work with my clients I humbly take the position of the "Sacristin".. and together we listen for the message of the challenge. When we are holding the challenge together, space is created where change / transformation can happen.


Integral Body-psycho-therapy & Counselling

I am making use of everything in my possession to "listen" with.. my ears, eyes, hands, my heart, all of me.. - and I do so with my background in many years of working with and studies of what it is to be Human..  – It is a very gentle and very non-invasive way of working. To me it is all about creating a space where my client can find forgotten, hidden and / or unknown parts of him or herself.. and in this space find the support to integrate these parts in a safe atmosphere of acceptance and love.



Gitte's Counselling Consult and / or  More Dimensions Publishings

+45 3698 0686 /  +45 24 657 123


Frederiksværkvej 212, 3300 Frederiksværk, Denmark
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